• Stephanie White

Why You should be using Stock Images for your Business.

Lets just start here and say, why not?? I mean, you have access to them, they’re beautiful, and they totally UP YOUR GAME when it comes to how you look online to potential customers!

1. Your online imagery is ESSENTIAL when it comes to your branding. The internet is an amazing thing, BUT it is a VISUAL thing. If you’re on top of your social media and your website is set up and you’ve done alllll of those things that everyone else knows to do, why have you not upped the standard of how it all LOOKS!?

2. Using stock images is very clever in that, for a price or for free, you get access and usage of high quality pictures created by someone in the “know”. This person has the equipment, lighting, props, knowledge and creative skill to make these images a lot more beautiful than you can.

3. If you are seeing all these perfectly crisp pictures on someone else's

Instagram page and wonder HOW they possibly get them looking that good, I can ASSURE YOU that those are most likely stock images. So, there you go, you can do the same.

4. Using stock images gives you variety of content to fluff up everything when you have a mental block.

5. it gives you a chance to outsource something really really important - and for not a lot of effort or money, because photography can be expensive!!

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