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Videos vs Photos for Marketing?

What can videos give that photos can't?

Sound and moving visuals. Because

honestly, we all love GIFS so much and there's a reason.

In terms of sound, yes, I know that people don't watch videos on social media with sound... but let me tell you, I turn the sound ON when I'm watching someone I really like I am more likely to buy from them anyway.)

Moving visuals can tell a greater story in a very saturated place. Or, it can just catch a viewer quicker.

And my favorite one, it shows your ideal client that you trust yourself enough to put the effort in to make that content.

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3. Why the importance of sharing videos on your platforms and how to make 1 Video reusable in multiple ways.

For example, a 3 minute video can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok and LinkedIn. You then take that single 3 minute video and transcribe it. You then turn it into a blog, a caption, take a quote from it and post that, share it in an email, add it to your homepage info on your website.

People seem to think that paying for content creation is a pricey cost or an investment(ooohh scary word) but when you look at it like this... How can you say it's costly?

If you are, then there are big changes that need to be made in your mind and in your business model.

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