• Stephanie White

The Truth About Launching Something New For The First Time.

When you launch your website for the first time, nothing will happen. When you put up your first product for sale. It won't sell.

When you announce a service you are now providing. No one will buy from you. When you do anything in business for the first time. Trust that nothing will happen. It's okay. It's totally normal. It's literally the best thing that could happen to you.

Because, if it didn't, you'd learn nothing and you'd be to overwhelmed and under prepared to make a success of it.

The first thing to realize about an unsuccessful launch is the lessons that come from it. - Did you have a proper strategy in place? - Did you have the systems to support that new influx of business? - Did you invest enough time into the build-up, launch and post launch process? - Did you take a minute to think, "wow, I'm almost there"? - When it was finished, why did you think about quitting because "nothing" came of it and it "was a failure"? But honestly, you should have been celebrating the fact that you put yourself out there. You should have given yourself a hug for the hard work you put in. You should have written down everything that went wrong and right. Learn from it. Honestly, nobody starts out hugely successful. We all hustle until we reach our goals. The very fact that you started and launched, means you're already a step ahead than you where yesterday.

Think about that.

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