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How to build and EPIC personal brand.

Dog’s, cats, plants, unicorns, places, shops… things that make you memorable to your audience. Having something that YOU are passionate about featuring on your social media is something that sets you apart and attracts your ideal client…

So basically, someone with your same interests.

This means that you can starts a real conversation with a person about that thing.

So, for example, I ALWAYS banter with clients or potential clients about my cats and my plants. Pets and pretty things are so relatable because we all have them.

I’ve seen so many online brands or personal brand do this, they share their ‘thing’ or their dogs or cats etc on their stories and make them apart of their brand, but forget to include them in their paid branding shoots.

Let me ask why? Branding is not just about sitting with laptop in a cafe or phone in hand… yes, there is place for that. But let’s tell the story of US and what makes you, YOU!

My ideal shoot includes both, the work element of you and the personal side of you.

So, that is why I LOVED this shoot with Sarah Patterson.

How incredible are her dogs?

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