• Stephanie White

How to Be Consistent in Your Business

One of the KEY things that has brought me success in my business is this; consistency. I am busy coaching/helping an old friend of mine set up her photography business at the moment. Yesterday, she asked me how I do it all. I asked her what she meant by that and she said, how do I keep on posting everyday, how I’m always putting out new ideas, or putting new things on offer. I’ll tell you what I told her about being consistent in a few points: 1. Planning content in advance. I wrote this post today, but most of the time, I’ve planned for things. Nothing is just “poofed” into existence. If you’re struggling with ideas, get onto Pinterest, one of the best search engines out there. 2. Dedicate time every day into your goal. Want to launch a new program, well, do something about it every day. 3. Don’t make excuses for things not going to plan - learn form them and USE that lesson to help you in your next venture. Nobody who ever did anything worthwhile did it perfect the first time. 4. Remember that the internet lies and people do not share the real and raw of their businesses with you. Even if they say they are, they are not. 5. Do NOT sit back and wait for magic to happen, because it wont. Sorry, but I’ve learned that you’ve got to push and push and push. People are SO saturated with information and content these days, that you are not the only person they are following. Stand out by always be there. 6. You are not an imposter - there are plenty of clients and enough money to go round for everyone!!

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