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Creating a Memorable Experience for your Clients and Customers.

People remember experiences far more easily than they remember your product or service you provided.

Building your personal brand is important, regardless of what kind of business you are in.

When we are posting to social media and talking to clients, you should be bantering with your audience, not talking AT your audience. Speak with a persona that repeats who you are.

If you are a bricks and mortar business, or purely online, talking and sharing are SO important to building a rapport with your clients and customers.

If you hire a pool guy to come in and clean your pool once a week - do you remember him or the company he works for?

I sound old when I say this, but in this day and age, of ever evolving social change, being personable is something people really want to find in others.

A couple of things below that will help you make sure you are doing these things naturally:

> Have a personality while emailing people. I love to express my excitement when I really am!! If you know me, my email persona is very... "eeeepppp!"

> Smile and don't be afraid to laugh and actually have fun when doing your work. People love laughter.

> Don't overthink everything - be yourself. Authenticity always wins!

> People can read and feel energy, weather they know about it or not - what kind of energy are you putting out to the world?

> Are you positive when people bring you their problems? No problem is to bad and no hill is too big!

> Are you being the leader in the situation? Taking action and being confident in how you walk and talk will give your client faith in your ability to help them.

Lastly, Are you kind to yourself?

That is ultimately the FIRST step to a personal brand that shines.

See ya next time,

Stef xxx

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