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7 Ways to Prepare for Your Branding Shoot

So, you've got a rad photographer in mind. You're almost ready to send that email to book. Here are a couple of things that will help you be super prepared.

1. Find a fantastic location. Get onto Airbnb, ask in Facebook groups, post on your Instagram and find a location. The location is what aids in telling your story. It's the thing that adds those finishing touches to your shoot.

2. Get your hair and nails done. That'll leave you feel fresh and beautiful on the day.

3. Plan your outfit and maybe buy a new piece. Wearing new clothes always feels great, especially when they where bought with your branding in mind.

4. Put together 4-5 key words and send them to your photographer before your shoot. Those words should describe you and your brand. Those words should be able tell your photographer what you want your shoot to say to your audience/followers.

5. Put together a mood board or Pinterest Board and send that to your photographer. That will help them know what kind of photos to prepare to get. That helps them know what YOU like.

6. Look after yourself. This applies to life in general, but on the weeks before the shoot these things will absolutely help you feel and look your best.

> Drink water! Stay hydrated. It is great for your skin, but even better for your well being. If you lead a busy life, you need to be hydrated.

> Exercise for 30 mins daily. 30 mins is less that 4% of your day - make time for your health.

> Get enough sleep, 8 hours. You recover mentally and physically while you sleep.

7. Be kind to yourself. It does NOT MATTER what you look like, or how you feel about your body. Be kind to yourself. Bring positive energy into your mind by daily listing 3 things you like about yourself. Promise, it helps.

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