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4 Things You MUST be Doing to Make Sales in Your Business

The Importance of online Representation:

There are a few things that you absolutely should be doing in your business to properly position yourself in your industry of work.


Put yourself in the position of your Ideal Client and ask yourself what you’d like to see when visiting your Social Media profile, your Facebook Page and your website.

What is the difference between you and your competition who sells a similar service or product?

Would you purchase from someone who had loads of beautifully curated pictures of themselves and/or their products OR would you rather buy from someone who posts loads of selfies with their kid or their night out. You can’t mix business and professional unless it’s part of your brand.

Would you rather part with your hard earned money on someone who has had a professional shoot done, or someone who kinda tries at home?

Honestly answer that question for yourself - and which side of those two options does your business stand on?

I know for me, I judge a business by how they are visually represented within the first few seconds. It’s human nature to do that.

If it is the latter, or your are unsure; I’ve got 4 points that you should jot down and apply to your own business.

Do you have a professional portrait as your profile photo that represents you as a business?

A picture that is NOT a selfie and that shows your face and what you look like is the first thing you should address. Make sure you are the only person in that picture - you don’t want potential clients wondering if you’re the blonde or the brunette.

Do you have a clear banner image on your group, profile and page? Does it clearly state that you are a business and what it is that you do/offer?

In your banner, do you have clear text with your business name, your cause, what your business is? These are important details that your ideal client will see as a deal breaker before buying. For example; if I buy from a skin care line, I want to know that it is cruelty free, vegan, Australian made and certified organic. I am the ideal client for brands like Sukin and Eco By Sonya and if you go to their pages, you can see those things IMMEDIATELY.

Do you represent yourself and your business consistently over ALL of your platforms with these professional photos?

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, website, blog… it’s all cool to have all of these pages up and running but if your followers do not know that its YOU on all of those pages, you're missing the opportunity that having an established and consistent brand will bring you. Use the same photos and colours ALL over your platforms.

Do you repurpose the pictures you get from a photo-shoot fully?

The professional imagery that you get done is NOT just to be used for profile pictures and banner photos. When you book your professional shoot, make sure your photographer is on board with your brand and your personality. By creating varied content in one shoot a few times year, you have pictures to use on Instagram, blog posts, book launches, campaigns, email headers, Facebook Advertising and as a result; all of the above questions will be answered and you’ll have a super looking brand.

What kind of images are used where?

If you are a service provider that really wants to show that they are approachable and willing to help… if you’re a coach for fitness and wellness, having a photoshoot of you in a suit does not look consistent.

As soon as you stop seeing your visual imagery as a cost and rather as an investment when you can repurpose all the pictures you get from one shoot, it will up-level your position in your industry hugely.

I had a client last year who bought me a smoothie (while we where shooting in a cafe) and while we sat and chatted she told me about a new program she was starting. She wanted to share with me how much she was charging for the program and wanted to know what I would pay for that value. She was doubting herself and thought nobody would sign up because it was to much money. I honestly told her what I would pay for that and she was surprised, as it exceeded what she was charging by a large margin.

She messaged me two weeks later and told me how glad she was to have me apart of her team and that the insight I’d given her in our chat had given her to confidence to raise her prices - and she SOLD OUT within the first few days!

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