• Stephanie White

3 Investments to Help you Grow your Business.

What does it mean when people say, putting money back into your business? Well, from what I have learned, is that it is about

putting money into things that help you grow your business.

So, let me tell what practical thing I’ve paid for that have helped me grow:

The online gallery you sign your contracts AND get your photos through was a worthwhile investment because: 

> It looks pretty and visual representation is what I am ALL about.

> It is functional and helps the client journey feel smooth and professional.

> It keeps records of everyone and everything happening to the photos of my clients so I can keep them safe.

Managing my books and taxes used to stress me out. No more. How and why?

> I put money to the problem and now everything is in one place and all legally recorded.

> The ATO has everything they need come tax time. 

> I know my exact expenditure and income and I know that I am growing.

> My accountant doesn’t hate me anymore. 

My website has a back-end for managing the clients and where they are in terms of first interaction all the way to final payment and delivery of images. 

> It ain’t cheap, but having that part of the website paid for makes my life so much easier. 

> It is a back-up of all my contacts, communications with them and enables me to creative a valuable email list.

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