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10 Important Things to look for when choosing a Branding Photographer.

  • Make sure the photographer you choose actually specializes in Branding Photography. This means, they are committed to their niche and have spent a lot of time and money investing in their specialty. It not the same, but would you go to an Orthopedic doctor if you had a stomach complaint? Nope, I doubt it.

  • Make sure the photographer you choose can tell a story with the photos they take. Stalk their portfolios and website for good examples of previous clients. See if those clients where well represented.

  • Make sure that the photographer is not just out there to take pictures of you for their own portfolio. The photographer you choose should see your brand and create the images that will work for YOU!

  • Make sure the photographer shoots with your audience in mind. If your ideal client is someone who is an animal lover, but specifically horses, make sure they are not suggesting you shoot pictures related to YOUR brand.

  • Make sure the photographer is advising you about the clothes you should be wearing and that those clothes match your branding. If you are a high powered lawyer needing pictures, having your photos taken wearing jeans and a t-shirt will NOT work and you’ll be wasting your money and time.

  • Is the photographer asking you a variety of in depth questions about you, your brand, your goals, how do you want the photos to FEEL, how do you want your hair to look, do you have a launch or new project coming up… etc.

  • Make sure the photographer is giving you at least 3 months worth of pictures - getting 10 pictures from a 3 hour shoot is a big NO from me.

  • You photographer should be able to shoot and crop images with your social media platforms in mind.

  • Your photographer should be giving you full rights to use the images as you please, should not expect you to credit them in each picture you post. Why? You paid for them and now they belong to you and are an asset in your business.

  • How to tell if the photographer you are thinking about is good enough for you: They offer you brand consulting and assistance. They give you material to help you prepare for the shoot. They give you advice on how to use the photos once you they have received them. They make you feel beautiful and comfortable at all times. They are happy to go advise on what photos are best to be using for certain things.

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